2014 Conference Keynote Speaker

Announcing Jean-Pierre Houdin

In early 1999, Jean-Pierre Houdin’s father Henri, a retired civil engineer, had the intuition that the Egyptian pyramids may have been partially built from the inside. He asked his son, architect Jean-Pierre Houdin who was familiar with 3-D computer graphics, to assist him in his research. Jean-Pierre then embarked on an extraordinary 15+ year adventure... solving the riddle of the construction of the great pyramid of Khufu through development of their "internal ramp theory."

In 2005, Jean-Pierre met Mehdi Tayoubi and Richard Breitner in the framework of the "Passion for Innovation" from Dassault Systemes. Through simulations, the theory was "virtually" validated. This was first revealed to the public at the La Geode in Paris on March 30, 2007 during a press presentation in 3D real-time and in relief. On January 27, 2011, during a new presentation at the Geode, the Khufu adventure returned with the announcement of the probable existence of two antechambers adjacent to the King's Chamber



The 2008 National Geographic special "UNLOCKING THE GREAT PYRAMID" describes the internal ramp system that may have been a key component in the construction of Kufu’s pyramid.  Architect Jean-Pierre Houdin and Egyptologist Bob Brier revealed how this internal ramp structure was built and functioned.

At the 2014 REARC conference Mr. Houdin will present evidence for Egyptology’s most exciting discovery in decades. He will tell the story of his obsession with Egypt’s Great Pyramid and how such a remarkable structure could have been envisioned and constructed in an ancient agrarian society. Houdin fits together pieces in a puzzle that has eluded scientists and Egyptologists for centuries.  It is a fascinating story and a thrilling intellectual adventure for the entire family.  Hear Houdin’s story in person at the fifth annual RE-Arc international conference! Join archaeologists and primitive technologists from around the world on October 18, 2014 at the Schiele Museum in Gastonia, NC, USA.

Join us Sat. Oct. 18 for this exciting 2014 REARC keynote presentation.

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