2017 Conference Schedule

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Thursday 16 November, 2017
  • Arrival
  • Networking

Friday 17 November, 2017

  • Paper sessions
    • Scott D. Stull: Replicating Lusignan Ceramics and Cuisine as a Means to Study Medieval Culture
    • Kelly McKenna: Reviving the Art and Science of Azul Maya
    • Smita Geedh: Chalcolithic Black & Red Ware Pottery: An Experimental Approach
    • Jane Eastman: Reconstructing an Early Mississippian Beaded Fabric from Pottery Impressions: Rivercane as Beads?
    • Barbara Klessig: Experimental Archaeology: Experiments in String, Stone, Wood, and Clay
    • Robert Schweitzer: The Effect of Formulation and Heat Treatment on Cob's Strength and Frangibility
    • Richard Schweitzer: Elementary Ex-Arc
    • Jonathan Thornton: The intersection of Art Conservation and Experimental Archaeology
    • Emma Williams: Cultural Taphonomy: A Comparative Study of Mummification Processes Among the Early Egyptian and Inca Cultures. 
    • Stephen Lacey: Shifting the Sand: Replicating Black Powder Grenades
    • Carolyn Dillian and Sydney James: How Many Pots? Experiments Using an Alternative Method to Calculate MNV with X-ray Fluorescence
    • Samantha Hartford: Living History, Surviving Hard Times
    • Katherine Ambry Linhien Muller: All These Cool Skills, Now What?
    • Theresa Emmerich: Ancestral Puebloan Grooved Bone Tools: An Experimental Approach to Discerning Function
    • Linda Hurcombe: Research Perspectives and Public Reactions from Experiments in the Combined Use of 3D Prints and Traditional Crafted Replicas.
  • Dinner
  • Keynote Lecture:
    • Dr. Natalie G. Mueller
    • Growing Lost Crops, Reconstructing Ancient Knowledge Systems

Saturday 18 Nov, 2017

  • Hands on activities
    • Bronze Casting
    • Processing Wool & Spinning
    • Processing Hides
    • Cordage
    • Reconstructing Beaded Fabric
    • Games
    • Atlatl Competition

Sunday 19 Nov, 2017

  • Departure
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